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1994 schedule

Forbidden Love
(Aerlyn Weissman and Lynne Fernie)

Greetings from Out Here
(Ellen Spiro)

It Wasn't Love
(Sadie Benning)

Brains on Toast
(Joyan Saunders and Liss Platt)

War on Lesbians
(Jane Cottis)

24 Hours a Day
(Jocelyn Taylor)

Free Bird
(Suzie Silver)

Fall 1994, Queer Looks

Silverlake Life
(Tom Joslin and Peter Friedman)

Looking for Langston
(Isaac Julien)

Beyond Imagining:
Margaret Anderson and the "Little Review"
(Wendy Weinberg)

Common Threads:
Stories from the Quilt
(Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman)

She Don't Fade
(Cheryl Dunye)

The Potluck and the Passion
(Cheryl Dunye)