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1996 schedule

Dyke Drama: Ife
(Len Keller)

A Certain Grace
(Sandra Nettelbeck)

Things We Said Today
(John Miller-Monzon)

Bete Noire
(Victoria Hunt)

First Base
(Megan Siler)

A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts
(Jan Oxenberg)

Home Movie
(Jan Oxenberg)

I'm Not One of Em
(Jan Oxenberg)

The Lesbian Impress Card
(Ingrid Wilhite)

Brincando El Charco
(Frances Negron-Muntaner)

Greetings from Africa
(Cheryl Dunye)

(Joan Jubela)

Bird in the Hand
(Melanie Hope and Catherine Saalfield)

Alice Unplugged
(Joyan Saunders and Beverly Seckinger)

One more film was shown, but the director has requested
that its title and her name be removed from this listing