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1998 schedule

Mommie Queerest
(Beverly Seckinger)

Dear Mom
(Diane Bonder)

Tender Fictions
(Barbara Hammer)

Looking for Another Girl
(Meena Nanji)

(Pratibha Parmar)

Vanilla Lament
(Catherine Crouch)

The Heroines of Love
(Nathalie Percillier and Lily Besilly)

This is Where...
(Michelle Brown)

Two or Three Things But Nothing for Sure
(Tina DiFeliciantonio and Jane Wagner)

Essential Things
(LeAnn Erickson)

Goodbye to Love
(Shane Smith and Terry Finn)

What Became Known as...the Eleanor Affair
(Ginger Rinkenberger and Kathryn Pickford)

Out at Work
(Kelly Anderson and Tami Gold)