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1999 schedule

After The Second Date
(Kathryn Beranich, 1996, USA, video, 25 min.)
Fourteen NYC lesbians take a candid look
at love, sex and dating in the 90's.

(Alisa Lebow and Cynthia Madansky, 1998, USA, 16mm, 55 min.)
An unorthodox documentary about two Jewish
lesbians who meet and fall in love at a Passover seder.

Bloody Well Done
(Nathalie Percillier, 1994, Germany, video, 5 min.)
A young woman suddenly finds herself inside a video game.

(Nikki Forrest, 1995, Canada, video, 7 min.)
Homophobic rhetoric litters the airwaves,
as lesbian life quietly goes on.

Her Sweetness Lingers
(Shani Mootoo, 1994, Canada, video, 12 min.)
Poetry and lyrical imagery combine to explore
the fatal possibilities that begin with a caress.

(Thirza Cuthand, 1998, Canada, video, 4 min.)
Reflections of a lesbian teenager, decrying
the powerlessness of youth.

It Happened In The Stacks
(Hope Thompson, 1997, Canada, 16mm, 9 min.)
A librarian tangles with a femme fatale
in this wry, noir melodrama.

(Dina Ciraulo, 1997, USA, 16mm, 7 min.)
This haunting experimental diary accompanies
a woman on a journey to visit her girlfriend's parents.

(Donna Carter, 1997, USA, 16mm, 5 min.)
An African American tomboy follows her own "hoop dreams."

Gifts From My Father
(Kim McNabb, 1997, USA, 16mm, 18 min.)
A father-daughter relationship interweaves
themes of basketball, alcoholism and sexuality.

Dance With Me
(Cassandra Nicolaou, 1997, Canada, 16mm, 9 min.)
A young woman struggles to make sense
of her complicated relationship with her mother.

Good Citizen, Betty Baker
(Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, 1995, Canada, 16mm, 27 min.)
A civic-minded, busybody housewife is swept
into a gender-bending intrigue in this
pop art satire of a cliffhanger serial.

Twisted Sheets
(Chris Deacon, 1996, Canada, 16mm, 14 min.)
When Sue dashes to the store in her nightgown,
she doesn't count on running into her ex-boyfriend
and his hot new girlfriend. Retribution is
sweet in this twist on the classic love triangle.

The Tragedy Of Samantha Biggle And The Twins
(Lauren Himmel, 1998, USA, 16mm, 32 min.)
Sam's boarding school romance is complicated
by a crush on her roommate's seductive sister.

Why I'll Never Trust You
(Cassandra Nicolaou, 1995, Canada, 16mm, 11 min.)
One phone call changes everything.

Chance To Seal Our Love
(Beate Kunath, 1997, Germany, 16mm/video, 35 min.)
A love story from the Chemnitzer Film Collective,
in the former East Germany. Will our heroines tie the knot?

Sleep, Come Free Me
(Laurie Schmidt, 1998, USA, 16mm, 18 min.)
A woman's sexual dreams and fantasies impinge on her boring job.