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2007 schedule
FRIDAY, OCT. 5, 7:30pm
(Andrea Meyerson/2007/USA/60 min)
Kate Clinton

The Lesbian Looks Film Series opens its 15th season of free screenings on Friday, October 5 with Andrea Meyerson's 2007 documentary Kate Clinton: 25th Anniversary Tour.

With a quarter century of stand-up under her belt, Kate Clinton calls herself "the last lesbian comic standing." But where Kate really stands is at the forefront of the lesbian movement, where her sharp, politically charged humor has made her a celebrated voice of enlightenment and empowerment.

In 2006, to mark her silver anniversary as a performer, Kate embarked on a 50-city "It's Come to This!" tour, sponsored by the National Center for Lesbian Rights. Her hilarious performance is interspersed with a variety of personal moments along the tour route, including backstage banter with her 18-year partner Urvashi Vaid and cameos from Lily Tomlin, Melissa Etheridge, Billie Jean King, Marga Gomez, Vickie Shaw and other lesbian comics.

Kate Brown animation graphic
(Kate Brown/2007/Canada and U.S./3:40 min)

Animated music video for the Be Good Tanyas. This is a hand-made cottage industry animation using the technique of rotoscopy, and experiments in animation with beads. Each frame is digitally photographed with back light allowing many layers for each frame.

Amy Villarejo


Cornell University media scholar Amy Villarejo introduces the evening with a brief talk about the changing lesbian media landscape from the early 90s to the present, Fifteen Years of Lesbian Cinema, or How I Came to Love Romantic Comedies.



201 N. Court Ave.
Sabra Faulk Mitzi Cowell


FRIDAY, OCT. 12, 7:30pm
(Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss, 1995/ UK/USA/ 75 min)
Paris Was a Woman

A mesmerizing portrait of the creative community of women writers, artists, photographers and editors who flocked to the Left Bank of Paris in the early decades of the 20th century. Using groundbreaking research, newly discovered home movies, and a wealth of rare archival footage, "Paris" intertwines interview with anecdote to evoke the mood and flavor of this avant-garde artistic community in Paris during its most magical era.

Authors Colette, Djuna Barnes and Gertrude Stein, poets HD and Natalie Clifford Barney, painters Romaine Brooks and Marie Laurencin, editors Bryher, Alice Toklas, Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap, photographers Berenice Abbott and Gisele Freund, booksellers Sylvia Beach and Adrienne Monnier, and journalist Janet Flanner all figure in this legendary milieu.

Screened at over 150 international festivals, including London, Vancouver, Sao Paolo, Jerusalem, Seattle and Melbourne. Theatrically released in Germany, Holland, USA, Spain, New Zealand, France and the UK.


FRIDAY, OCT. 19, 7:30pm
3233 E. Speedway
TICKET INFO: 795-7777
(Jamie Babbitt / 2007 / USA )
Itty Bitty Titty Committee

The wildly entertaining story of a group of radical feminist punk activists called Clits in Action, or C(I)A. Shy Anna (Melonie Diaz), dumped by her girlfriend and rejected from college, still lives with her parents, and works at a plastic surgery clinic. Fate brings her in contact with Sadie (Nicole Vicius), who's demonstrating against the patriarchy by spraypainting Anna's office windows. With an undeniable attraction to this sexy, rebel grrl, Anna soon joins the ranks of C(i)A and starts her rollercoaster ride from timid office girl to punk-feminist anarchist.

Don't miss the Tucson premiere of this multiple award-winning hit of the 2007 festival circuit. Features appearances by Melanie Mayron (thirtysomething), Guinevere Turner (The L Word, Go Fish), Carly Pope (Popular) and Daniela Sea (The L Word), and music by Heavens to Betsy, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Peaches and more.

"A rockin' love song to the heady rush of sex, freedom and rebellion that happens when an everyday girl discovers her own strength and the righteous indignation needed to take action and change the world." Cindy M. Emch, Frameline

"A rare gem: a genuinely funny and occasionally endearing look at grassroots-style feminist groups and the feisty young women who run them." Danielle Riendeau,