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THURSDAY, FEB 19, 7 pm
(Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald, 2013, Canada)
Tru love still

A touching story of mourning and cross-generational desire set in Canada’s frigid winter. Toronto’s gray, snow-capped skyscrapers form a fitting backdrop for Tru and Alice, who kindle a close connection in their search for relief from desolate periods they have each been weathering in solitude. Alice’s mature elegance shines through to Tru, a 30-something commitment-phobe who has fled from romantic entanglements ever since running away from homophobic parents as a teenager. Alice has accumulated her own share of burdens over the course of her life; she became a widow just months earlier, and finds in Tru — played by co-director and co-writer Shauna McDonald — a partner for exploring romantic desires she repressed throughout her long marriage.

Winner of 14 International Film Festival Awards, and named one of 2013’s Top Ten Films by Huffington Post, UK.

"Delightful. A sparkling gem of a film." - Curve Magazine

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Tuesday, March 24, 7pm  / FREE

(blair dorosh-walther, 2014, USA)

Under the neon lights of the gay-friendly West Village neighborhood of New York City, four young African-American women are attacked by an older man, and then face slanderous media coverage and egregious sentences as they are charged and convicted as a "Lesbian Gang" for defending themselves. The women came to be known as the New Jersey Four.

The documentary Out In The Night tells the story of the women's trial and prison sentences, and the years-long fight by relatives and activists to get them released, revealing how the media, homophobia, and racism all work together to stigmatize and victimize LGBTQ people of color.

The film has screened in over 50 international festivals, won awards at several of them, and been named to numerous top-10 documentary lists for 2014, including Alternet and the Advocate.

The free screening, co-sponsored by Puertas Abiertas, will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Matice Moore, Program Director for African American Student Affairs at the U of A, Pat Farr from the Wingspan Anti-Violence Project, and Francisco Galarte, Assistant Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies.

"This film could help influence the ongoing LGBT civil rights struggle. Everyone should see it." –

"By giving us a glimpse into the human lives at stake in this high-profile case and confronting the complicated gray areas that fill in its background, this film begins to provide the nuance and understanding that the American justice system and media lack." – Bitch Magazine

"Out in the Night goes on to show … black bodies are at risk everywhere, especially, as the film makes clear, ‘Out In The Night’." – PopMatters

"...issues of self-defense and resistance as black women, and more specifically as LGBT people of color who continually face this type of harassment, become the main focus. Who has the right to resist?" – IndieWire | Shadow & Act

"Out in the Night is Infuriating and Depressing in Equal Measure” – Village Voice

"This impassioned social issue documentary serves as a strong indictment of tabloid journalism and a prejudicial legal system."  - Hollywood Reporter

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(Anne de Mare and Kirstin Kelly, 2014, USA)

Co-sponsored by the McClelland Institute for Children,
Youth & Families, Primavera Foundation and Our Family Services.

The Homestretch follows three homeless teens as they fight to stay in school, graduate, and build a future. Each of these smart, ambitious teenagers - Roque, Kasey and Anthony - will surprise, inspire, and challenge audiences to rethink stereotypes of homelessness as they work to complete their education while facing the trauma of being alone and abandoned at an early age. As their stories unfold, the film connects us deeply with larger issues of poverty, race, juvenile justice, immigration, foster care, and LGBTQ rights.

A powerful, original perspective on what it means to be young, homeless and building a future in America today.

"Profoundly moving... An honest and intellectually challenging look at the underbelly of American poverty and privilege, which succeeds in growing viewer empathy without ever becoming preachy or forceful with its message” –Anchorage Press "What is most special about The Homestretch is that it puts a voice, a face, a family and a community to the national crisis of youth homelessness. It humanizes the over one million homeless youth in our nation." —Hollywood Progress

Still from Homestretch

"The devastation of watching these kids is realizing how much they have to give. Their lives are as valuable as mine, or yours, yet due to circumstances, they are given little-to-zero agency over the outcome. Our society operates on money, education, privilege equating access, whereas Roque, Kasey and Anthony are fighting for something as basic as wanting or needing shelter, a place to call theirs."
—FARIHA ROISIN, INDIEWIRE »Read complete review at Indiewire...

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(Monika Treut, 2014, Germany)

Co-sponsored by the Department of German Studies

The latest feature from prolific filmmaker Monika Treut (The Virgin Machine, Female Misbehaviour, Gendernauts, Ghosted--LLooks 2011) follows the slow rhythm of farm life in green and lovely Northern Germany. Alex, a troubled teen with an attitude, is sent by her harried mother for a last-ditch internship at a farm, in the care of a horse trainer named Nina. The horse trainer, who is herself retreating from busy city life, takes on her new charge as if dealing with a wild mustang. Holiday guest Kathy arrives with her own horse, and sparks begin to fly. One weekend when Nina goes to the city to see her girlfriend, Kathy and Alex are left to care for the horses. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

"Treut’s transgressive brand of filmmaking is a much needed intervention into the arena of sexual politics. Her misbehaving women are a vital form of resistance." —Sight and Sound

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