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virtual LL 2010
New to the festival this year!

Tuesday, October 26
Marshall 211


Reena Dutt

Since the early 90s, Lesbian Looks has been bringing audiences to the Modern Languages Auditorium, the Gallagher Theater, the Loft Cinema and occasional other destinations, to watch movies together that could not otherwise be seen in Tucson. This year, in addition to on- and off-campus screenings, we're adding a new location: your computer.

Virtual Lesbian Looks offers a portal to the exciting new world of made-for-the-web programming. When we started Lesbian Looks in 1993, you could count the number of lesbian-themed feature films on one hand, and the number of television shows with a lesbian character (usually a special guest on one episode) on the other. Today, you can find dozens of programs online, created by LGBT filmmakers for LGBT audiences.

In today's media landscape, in which iTunes, YouTube and Hulu have joined network and cable programming in the competition for viewer attention, web-based series present an exciting new avenue for both veteran and emerging filmmakers to launch fresh projects, develop a fan base, and sometimes parlay a low-budget experiment into a television deal or feature film.

For this year's Virtual Lesbian Looks, Media Arts/Film & Television graduate student Tanya Zuk has selected 3 stand-out programs from a list of 23 lesbian-themed web series.

We invite you to check out some webisodes (descriptions and links provided below), and then join us (in person!) on October 26 for a discussion with UA Media Arts alum Reena Dutt, an actor and associate producer on The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else.

Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else

The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else focuses on a Lebanese-American political journalist. Dropped by her agent because her work is too smart, political, lesbian and feminist, she is compelled to write a Sex and the City-like chick-lit book to raise money for her political work, and goes undercover as a "glitter-wearing, shoe-obsessed, Cosmo-drinking straight girl." With its multi-ethnic cast, "the project was kind of our answer to all the mainstream chick-lit and chick-flicks about rich white women whose main connection to each other is bonding over unavailable men and shopping," the creators say.

"'s...darn funny...I hope that a move from online to basic cable is in its future." —Alicia Montgomery, NPR

"...a solid and funny webseries that not only adds to the entertainment value of the budding new genre, but proves that the Internet can be the defining equalizer for television just as it has for other mediums." —

"Good writing, good acting, good production values equals good times." —Karman Kregloe,

"...delightful...engaging...pretty...and real...!" —Jenni Powell,

Also available at and iTunes as a free podcast download
Anyone But Me

From the Executive Producer/Writer team of Susan Miller (L Word and Thirtysomething) and Tina Cesa Ward, (In Their Absence) Anyone But Me introduces a new generation - gay, straight, and ethnically diverse - struggling with identity and modern relationships.

This award winning web series revolves around sixteen year old Vivian McMillan (Rachael Hip-Flores), the daughter of a NYC firefighter. When her father's post-9/11 health problems force them to move from the city to the suburbs, Vivian goes through seismic changes of her own. Her long distance relationship with girlfriend Aster (Nicole Pacent), and growing friendship with a straight, African American boy, fuel the heart of this dynamic drama, which follows the journey of six teenagers riding the waves of sexual awakening.

"Young love is luminous in Anyone But Me." —

"A lovely web show... succeeds in showing us the potential of the medium." —The New York Observer

"The chemistry between the two girls is undeniable." —AfterEllen

Girl Trash!

GirlTrash! is the story of three hapless chicks getting by any way they can. Tyler and Daisy are small-time criminals and best buds. Their friendship is put to the test when Tyler is seduced by the two-timing temptress, LouAnne. When LouAnne double-crosses Tyler and Daisy by stealing money from the local Kingpin, Tyler and Daisy are thrown into a world of shit. They need to find the money and LouAnne before they turn up dead... or worse.

Created by Angela Robinson (The L Word, D.E.B.S.), the 10 original webisodes premiered online weekly, to overwhelming success. The GirlTrash! saga is now in the process of making the leap from webisodes to feature film. GIRLTRASH: All Night Long! Is being produced by POWER UP, the production company that created Itty Bitty Titty Committee.


Tanya's 2010 List of Lesbian Web Series


Anyone But Me


BJ Fletcher: Private Eye

Brooklyn is for Lovers

Cat On the Prowl

Cherry Bomb

Chica Busca Chica
(Girl Meets Girl)

Emma Stahl

Far Out



Joni & Susanna

The Lovers and Friends Show

Plan V

Rose by Any Other Name

The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else

Seeking Simone

The Sweet Adventures of Nat and Meg

The Time Traveling Lesbian


We Have To Stop Now

What's Your Problem?