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Since the early 90s, Lesbian Looks has been bringing audiences to the Modern Languages Auditorium, the Gallagher Theater, the Loft Cinema and occasional other destinations, to watch movies together that could not otherwise be seen in Tucson. Last year, in addition to on- and off-campus screenings, we added a new location: your computer.

Virtual Lesbian Looks offers a portal to the exciting new world of made-for-the-web programming. When we started Lesbian Looks in 1993, you could count the number of lesbian-themed feature films on one hand, and the number of television shows with a lesbian character (usually a special guest on one episode) on the other. Today, you can find dozens of programs online, created by LGBT filmmakers for LGBT audiences.

In today's media landscape, in which iTunes, YouTube and Hulu have joined network and cable programming in the competition for viewer attention, web-based series present an exciting new avenue for both veteran and emerging filmmakers to launch fresh projects, develop a fan base, and sometimes parlay a low-budget experiment into a television deal or feature film.


Bestsellers is a new multi-generational dramedy series sponsored by SFN Group about five modern professional women balancing life, career and book club. Created and written by Susan Miller and directed by Tina Cesa Ward, the creative team behind the award-winning drama series Anyone But Me, Bestsellers stars Alice Barden, Mandy Bruno (Guiding Light), Catherine Curtin (Nickelodeon's The Naked Brothers Band), Natalie Kuhn and Dena Tyler as the members of an eclectic book club who discuss more about their own lives during their weekly gatherings than of the characters in the books they're reading. Produced by CJP Digital Media.

Get Out! Of the Closet!

A mock reality show about a duo who stage "interventions" aimed at getting closeted people to accept their presumed homosexuality. Well-produced and very funny!

Girl/Girl Scene

Based on the lives and loves of a group of young lesbians, this series goes between the sheets and into the minds and hearts of unapologetically queer women living in Middle America. Refreshingly non-judgmental and atypical in its embrace of stereotype, with its funny, provocative and controversial storylines, Girl/Girl Scene is a vibrant, vital and honest reflection of today's young lesbian culture.

Give Me Grace

A threat to her girlfriend's life forces Grace to make decisions that may cost her her own.

Lez Be Proud

Love has a way of bringing us all together. Life has a way of getting in the way. Reality - well, it just slaps you right in the face whether you are ready or not. Each of our stories represents a platform of real life experiences that we are excited to share. Step inside our world, see a true representation of Texas Lesbian lifestyle, break away from the traditional stereotype and share our journey.

Lizzy the Lezzy

I make stand up comedy videos on YouTube and if you want to keep up with my lesbian adventures on a regular basis you can sit on my facebook or follow my twatter.


Mission Rebound

Cloie and Vera, best friends, find their respective loves in bed with each other. What follows is what happens when rebound and revenge are on their minds. Mission: Rebound features an independent zine, The Lesbian Lexicon Project, edited by Stevie Anntonym.


Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden

The bad things we do. The things we get caught for. And how they are never the same. A web series shot in DC about the lives of 18 high schoolers, growing up and getting down in 1994. Think grunge, Doc Martens, and under age tom foolery.

Out with Dad

A cool lesbian web series from Canada is Out with Dad, which is about a young girl who lives with her single father and is coming out of the closet.


An irreverent comedy about an occasionally "homophobic, superficial" lesbian couple living in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Sunny Reign
Sunny Reign is an original scripted, lesbian driven web series created by Tramaine Renee. The series follows Sunny, a small time crook, as she reunites with Reign, her ex lover/partner in crime, for one last job. Sunny, who is still hurt over the breakup, relentlessly accepts even though she promised herself she would leave Reign and the criminal lifestyle in the pass.

That's What She Said
An Asian-American lesbian series. Via AfterEllen: "That's What She Said is a new web series about five friends navigating the lesbian scene in Los Angeles. Nic has just moved to the city from the Midwest. She moves in with Rae, a butch with promiscuous friend named Baby, a Casanova-type named Shin and straight bestie Leslie."

Says AfterEllen: "Th3m is a good example of indie media - and of an independent media maker - forging a new path. The project, a TV pilot that works as a short film and as a web series, plays out a bit like something akin to less glossy, more inclusive version of The L Word or Lovers and Friends. The story of several friends (most of them African American) living, loving and working through their issues, it's a sexy, lo-fi production that serves to introduce the world to filmmaker Tye Green."
An innovative monthly web talk show featuring Onyx Keesha that highlights accomplished entrepreneurs, entertainers, professionals and supporters of the LGBTIQQ community.