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Curated by Tanya Zuk

Since the early 90s, Lesbian Looks has been bringing audiences to the University of Arizona campus, and to community venues including the Loft Cinema, the Screening Room, the Grand Cinemas Crossroads 6, and the Wingspan LGBT community center, to watch movies together that could not otherwise be seen in Tucson. In 2011, in addition to on- and off-campus screenings, we added a new location: your computer.

Virtual Lesbian Looks offers a portal to the exciting new world of made-for-the-web programming. When we started Lesbian Looks in 1993, you could count the number of lesbian-themed feature films on one hand, and the number of television shows with a lesbian character (usually a special guest on one episode) on the other. Today, you can find dozens of programs online, created by LGBT filmmakers for LGBT audiences.

In today's media landscape, in which iTunes, YouTube and Hulu have joined network and cable programming in the competition for viewer attention, web-based series present an exciting new avenue for both veteran and emerging filmmakers to launch fresh projects, develop a fan base, and sometimes parlay a low-budget experiment into a television deal or feature film.

Nikki & Nora

Originally shot as an unaired pilot in 2004, Nikki & Nora is making a come-back as a web-series on Tello: One More The series focuses on Nikki Beaumont (Liz Vassey) and Nora Delaney (Christina Cox), former cops turned private investigators. They navigate the channels of their personal life together alongside their dedication to uncovering the truth in the one city that really likes to keep its secrets, New Orleans.

The Better Half is a new web series that follows a lesbian couple through the day to day hurdles that come with making a relationship work. Created by Leyla Perez and her girlfriend Christine Ng under the banner of their independent production company, The Verb Project, the series serves up original content and attempts to debunk stereotypes about lesbian relationships. While it pokes fun at the cliches about lesbian relationships, it strikes a refreshing balance between that comedic lightness and the more poignant things that come with the ups and downs of any relationship. Starring real life couple Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis, this series provides a heartening look at the struggles and complications faced by any couple in their quest to make their relationship work.

F TO 7th is an eight-episode comedy about Ingrid and her descent into pre-middle age. Judgmental as ever, Ingrid struggles to find herself in a world where sexuality and gender have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind. Jungermann's series offers a view into the insecurities of a gay woman as she grows into middle age, and though there is sex, it isn't always sexy. One of our favorite episodes, "Tweener," shows a refreshingly frank discussion between Jungermann and a friend on how they express their identity as gay women that ironically takes place at a softball game.

Come Take a Walk With Me portrays an African-American lesbian from a small Conservative town in Virginia who explores her sexuality after going away to college in a city in North Carolina. Channing played by Amber Chloe faces real issues when she is rejected and not understood by her family and has trouble communicating with her partner, AJ played by Jennifer Shannon. The series follows Channing through her struggles with family, friendship, finances, faith, and faithfulness.